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Demo Reel

Grendel is a short film that I directed for two years.  I also did a lot of leg-work in this film, and you might recognize some of it from my demo reel if you've watched it.  I am also pleased to say that Grendel won the Gold medal at the 2019 Student Academy Awards.

About Me

I grew up in a small farm in southern Utah.  After all of the farm chores were completed, in all of my spare time I could be found either reading books, playing with the animals, or drawing.  I went on to study art and animation, and while I was at Brigham Young University I was elected by my peers to direct the senior student short film.  In 2019, that film, Grendel, won the Student Academy Award Gold Medal for Animation.  Now I work at Warner Brothers Avalanche, a video game studio in Salt Lake City, where I practice animation in terms of video games and continue to hone my skills.


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